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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How much for that shiny peice of Glass?

So several weeks ago, as I was driving into work, a giant 18 wheeler spit up a rock that put a pea sized nick in my windshield. When I went to the dealership to have my oil changed, I asked them to look at the nick and tell me whether I needed to have it filled. Oh No, they said. It is too small. That was Saturday.

Monday, it is 16 degrees as I leave the house, and I turn my heat on high. The heat hit the windshield and I watched the pin size dot spread it wings and hit either side of the car :(

I called the dealership about the warantee- windshield not included. Great, I think, my insurance deductible is 500$. I call the insurance- just as I thought, I pay the initial 500$ and the company bills the rest. The lady I spoke to was a little shirty and said to me- if it is even 500$. I am thinking at least 1000$, right?

Nope- 238$ and they come to you. Tomorrow, Mr Windshield is coming to my job and replacing my windshield in the parking lot of the Hospital.

HOW COOL IS THAT????????????


the dragonfly said...

Sorry about the windshield...but that is way cool that it costs less than $500, and that you don't have to go anywhere to have it fixed!

Mary Beth said...

I had them come fix the windshield of the mustange once when I was at Hoffmann-Laroche - trying to find my car in that vast parking lot was fun, let me tell you:) But it's a great service and really not expensive when you consider you don't have to give up your afternoon sitting in a dealership waiting room.

ewe are here said...

Too small? Oh how wrong they were... I probably would have complained to the dealership...
but at least they're coming to you to fix the problem.

painted maypole said...

gotta love it when it is less than you thought it would be, but that's frustrating they didn't fill it when you asked them to