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Sunday, December 30, 2007


A brief update to all of you who read my christmas tree decorating debacle.....

The section of Domestic Violence Central that live in the apartment above me are

MOVING OUT :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right people, the moving people ( their families) and required vehichles are here. Lets hope the next tenants are quiet and friendly.........

A New Year is Upon Us

Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us. School will be starting soon and before I know it, the summer will be upon us.
Christmas was fun with my entire family together, a feat that only happens one or two times a year. Santa and the elves were good to my house, with lots of books, a new ipod, good movies for me and cat toys and a cat tower for Princess P. I was unsure how she would react to the new digs and contemplated putting catnip on the tower to entice her. Oh me of little faith. I brought the tower into the living room and went to change out of my work clothes. By the time I came back out, this is what I found......

She has not left the tower since except for food and water and her bathroom needs. This was last night....

As for me, I can be found at the address of Amanda's apartment, living room couch with a cat and a good book, until January 14 when school resumes. Of course, I will need to make time for that pesky activity called work- How Inconvenient!

In the meantime, I would like to wish everyone in bloggerworld a Happy Healthy New Year!


Amanda and Princess Piglet

Monday, December 24, 2007


Merry Christmas to all.

And to all a Good Night.....

Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Christmas Spirit

I was feeling a bit like scrooge. Bah Humbug and all. I needed something to get me going.

What did it? My upstairs neighbors being arrested for domestic violence. Thats right- both the male and female of the couple were arrested and their child taken into the custody of social services. Merry flippin' Christmas.....

In an effort to distract myself from the screaming and banging going on upstairs, while the police did their job, I did this:

This also managed to distract the cat from screaming at the front door her disgust of the situation.

We then watched the Wizard of Oz in this glow:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Semi wordless wednesday.....

Who needs a man when you have this type of devotion? I took the picture with my cell phone, which accounts for the grainy quality. That is my stomach she is holding onto........

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another week done

I have just completed the philosphy paper on C.S. Lewis and should be studying for my philosophy final. Instead, I am blogging. I have just spent the greater part of an hour visiting my blogger friends and am in awe of their christmas preparedness. Trees are up, gifts are bought and wrapped, and I am acting as if it is still october. Minimal gifts have been purchased. The tree is still in the closet (fake) and I still have a week of school left. The tree may make it up by the week before christmas.......

I need to get in the shower and head to the library to study for this blasted exam but instead I am staring at this.

Tonight- I shall be her........

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Date nightmare

I have ventured back into the world of dating. Pure loneliness has led me here..... Blind dates are hard. I hate meeting people in bars. I have, instead jumped into the online dating scene. Again.

My first foray into the online scene was with E harmony. I started chatting with a gentleman my age who lived not far from me. On the phone, he seemed nervous but so was I. After talking on the phone a couple of times, we agreed to meet at the mall for dinner. I had a nagging feeling prior to dinner but chalked it up to nerves. Nightmare #1: he chain smoked through dinner, he was 5'5" (he had told me just shy of 6"), he was missing his front top teeth, and within 5 minutes of sitting at the table- I learned he was bipolar- his brother had been bipolar and committed suicide in jail- his sister was bipolar and had committed suicide- his niece was bipolar-and his father had been bipolar. But he wanted to have at least 7 children. NOT WITH THIS UTERUS!

I waited some time and then tried Almost immediately I was emailed by a seemingly nice gentleman from my town. He sent me a picture and he was attractive in a burly way. We tried several times to get together but had problems coordinating our schedules. We finally met for a drink and seemed to have a good time. We continued to talk on the phone and had made a date for several nights later. Prior to the date, he called me and told me he needed to share something with me. He then said "I am bisexual, is that a problem?" UH, YEAH!

In a moment of desperation, I tried, again. We met for a drink on thursday. He was a good 2 inches shorter than I was- he said he was 5'10", in actuality- closer to 5'3". Height is not everything, I said, give it a chance. He did not take his jacket off the entire time we were together. He told me he did not like curly hair ( I have naturally curly hair). He does not like bold or assertive women (check, check). Big families are all crazy (did I mention that I am one of six children). Final straw, he did not bring money with him and seemed to expect me to pay for him. He seemed put out that I expected him to pay for himself. For someone who does not like bold or assertive woman, he sure seemed to expect me to pay for the drinks when he said he did not have cash. He insisted on walking me to the car and then asked if I would consider getting my tongue pierced because he had once kissed someone with a tongue piercing and thought it was "hot". I believe my answer was F@#* NO! I don't plan to pursue this potential relationship.........

Anyone know a nice mid thirty something male in the Philadelphia are looking for a well rounded, rubenesque, independant, assertive, funny female to love?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Somewhat Wordless Wednesday

I am working my way to extra crispy in the deep fryer. I have just finished a 35 page paper, a senior project (including a poster presentation), I have a paper and final next tuesday, and a paper due the week after that. Then..... I am off from school until the 14 of January.... I have a headache in the base of my skull and neck.... I think I might be a little tense. All I really want is to crawl up in bed with my favorite ball of fur (hence the picture). I am almost done the semester, I am almost done the semester, I am almost done the semester..........