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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Somewhat Wordless Wednesday

Meet Isis. Isis is Mike's 14 year old doberman that he inherited when his mom died three years ago. I am not a doberman fan but this one has my heart. She is a sweetheart that brings me shoes and socks as gifts when I walk in the house. When I leave the house, she brings Mike whatever article of clothing I have left behind as a way of saying, she is coming back- right? Isis is not long for this world. She is eating like a horse, playing, happy but losing weight, has multiple tumors, and frequently urinates blood. This is going to be awful all the way around. Isis is one of the last tangible things of his mom that Mike has. In the meantime, I am determined to spoil her rotten.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A post to make you all go AWWWW!

Mike and I were supposed to go to the Phillies game tonight. It has been postponed due to rain. But not until Mike was already on the road. He is coming to my office. We will have dinner and he will head home. He is not happy.

We have spent the greater part of the afternoon IM'ing as to whether or not the game would be postponed. The Phillies site had the game to be played as scheduled. He was not happy and I knew he was not but I was determined to go to the game- good weather or bad. He was a trooper and never once asked me to reconsider.

He called me from the turnpike and said "Guess what just came across KYW? The game has been cancelled." I mumbled something I will not share. Then I asked if he wanted to come to me and have dinner before going home. He said, yes, a little less enthusiastically. I said "At least you won't be wet and cold, and you get to see me".

His response: "The only reason I was coming down was because I love you. The Phillies are not worth it". That was when I melted.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter...

A picture from one of my favorite books, The Country Bunny and the Golden Shoes. A mother rabbit wins a spot from the Grandfather Bunny to be one of the select Easter Rabbits. It is worth finding the book and it will take you all of fifteen minutes to read it but it will make you smile.