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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A full picture of the dresses, girls, and guys....

Officially Mr and Mrs Laskoskie- I loved my dress and felt like a princess. Mike chose tails and looked incredibly handsome :)

Groomsmen- (left to right) Mike's best friend Semmel, my brother Larry, Mike's brother Frank, and Mike's nephew Frank. Mike picked out the morning jackets- they looked awesome.

My girls ( right to left)- My friend Jenn, my friend Meredith, my sister Helen, and my sister Mary Beth.

My dad and I walking down the aisle. You can see the dress here. It was beautiful- all lace and short. The shoes were torture and came off after the ceremony but looked damn good when they were on :)

This and That... (talks of the honeymoon and wedding photos)

Now pronounced Mr and Mrs Laskoskie :)

Mike's brother Frank.

Mike seeing me for the first time.

Mike and I returned from our honeymoon at the Jersey shore on sunday. Unfortunately, we took absolutely no pictures. I don't know what happened except we were having such a good time that we never thought to take the camera... It was a lazy week of sleeping, reading, eating, and just enjoying each other's company. We were originally scheduled on a cruise but with all the madness of wedding planning, wedding payments, work etc- we rescheduled the cruise for our first year anniversary. Instead, my parents handed over their beach house to us. It was a much better plan. We had so much fun doing lazy walks around the lighthouse, eating at fabulous restaurants ( I gained 6 pounds, Mike gained nothing), reading, and sleeping.

I managed to read 4 books (all fabulous and I recommend them all)- the forgotten garden and the house at riverfront by Kate Morton and Shopaholic and baby and Mini shopaholic. The Shopaholic books are light chic lit. TheKate Morton's are phenomenal and I would tell you all to pick them up. They are english novels/ mysteries set in the early 1900's and flipping between present and past. I inhaled them. I could not read them fast enough. Mike and I had bought the ereader/ nook color from Barnes and Noble the friday before we left. Mike barely used it, I however got our money's worth within the first 3 days...