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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Am I in Oz

The weather in PA today has been incredibly windy and cold. I think it was 20 degrees this morning when I left the house and did not get much warmer through the day. We are having 30mph winds with gust up to 50mph and have been since New Years Eve.

New Years Eve, my direct tv kept cutting out and rebooting itself. When, after 12 hours, my satellite signal had been restored, it seems that my dvr service had not. I noticed today that what should have been recorded had not and discovered that lack of dvr service. I was appalled, horrified, in sheer terror that my dvr was broken!

It is not broken and service has been restored but not without the requisite torture first....
I called directtv and then spent 45 minutes waiting for a customer service represenative. Of course, that was after being hung up on once after 25 minutes- I am not sure, but that could have been related to me screaming at the automated service to let me speak to the stupid man behind the curtain! (sadly, I kid you not....)


painted maypole said...

i spent nearly 2 hours (collectively)on the phone yesterday with my phone compnay, repeating myself ad nauseum, and I STILL don't have my problem fixed.

Mary Beth said...

The wind was whipping around out here too - it sounded at times like the wolves were just being kept at bay. Our Xmas lights on the front of the house are hanging by a thread - we turned them off last night, they just looked too pathetic. One of our items to do this weekend.... along with the tree (sob).

You gotta love Direct TV - they have a separate department devoted soley to trying to keep your business.

the dragonfly said...

I so hate calling customer service. For me it was my computer, there was a problem every other month or so (I have a new one now, thankfully).

Don't get blown away!! :)

Hey Teach! said...

It's too bad directv is the only one with the baseball package. Like the new look!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN said...

I LOVE Direct TV!!! We wouldn't be able to live in San Diego without the baseball package. I'm so serious about that. Cubs fan here and even with WGN I still like to watch the other games. Ed's a die hard Yankees fan. Blech. The baseball package is my yearly Valentine's Day gift to Ed.

Amanda, love the new template on your blog! Green is one of my FAVORITE colors. It looks good on Princess P as well.

Speaking of wind, we're supposedly going to get the "storm of the century" out here, but all we've got is gusty wind. I hope it does rain at some point. I like the rain. It never rains out here. I miss it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have DEFINITELY yelled at recordings before.