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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No good, very bad day, moving to Australia

Like every good student, I left for my long day of school yesterday with plenty of time to get to the university. All was going along with the plan- traffic was light, weather was beautiful, and the cat had not escaped as I left the house. (Her new diabolical plan to keep me from leaving the house....) Most importantly, I was going to have enough time to grab a bagel and diet coke prior to class.
I was happily driving down the beautiful route 401 admiring all of the farm creatures, trying to ignore the newly grouted road service, when all of the sudden traffic stopped. This still was not a catastrophe- I had planned ahead, I had plenty of time. Life was still good,with a small irritating thought about road grouting. Traffic started to move but my little car did not- it coughed, vomited, and then rolled over and died. (not really). Prior to Nicholas the Neon's dramatic coma, I managed to pull the front end over to the side of the road- it's rather ample rear was still hanging out in the road. Blinkers on, I call AAA. My rear end is in traffic, I say. No problem, says Rafika (the AAA operator), you are now a high priority- someone should be there within 20 mins. This is not so bad, 20 mins- I can cope. 3 hours later, the tow truck arrived. ( I kid you not- 3 hours) In the meantime, AAA has called me for landmarks- I am on route 401 heading eastbound between rte 100 and rte 113 (this is only a 3 mile stretch)- I am the purple neon with its rear end obstructing traffic. This should be relatively easy to see. No, says the operator, the driver cannot find you- Are there any distinguishing buildings? (Do you remember the farm animals?). I say, in the spirit of my mother, There is a big red barn. You are not helping me she says. Are you understanding the title, yet? I tell her that is the only landmark aside from the 40 cows staring at me and blades of grass.......... Oh yeah, now I am thinking that I probably should have visited a ladies room prior to leaving the house. The tow truck arrives and as he pulls my poor car on to the flat bed- the car vomits antifreeze.
3 hours later, the car was towed. An hour after that, I received a phone call from Ryan at Midas. The good news, he says, is your engine is not dead. The bad news is your timing belt and water pump are. Thanks Ryan....... 900$ later, a missed day of classes, and a slightly larger bladder- i still have my lovely car. I think it might be time for a new one. In the meantime, Princess Piglet and I are moving to Australia........

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