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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another Year Older

It is that time of year again and another birthday has passed. The day has been spent with my sisters- eating good food, watching the baseball playoffs, and knitting. Added to this is the discussion of my buying a new car (see the previous post).

This past year has one of ups and downs (too trivial to post here) but I am looking foward to a new year with new experiences. I will graduate from Immaculata with a bachelors of science in nursing, with honors. This is a rather anticlimatic as I have been a practicing registered nurse for ten years. However, i will have met my goal of graduating with honors and being nominated to the nursing national honors society...... Maybe added to this will be meeting the love of my life:)

Sorry that this is a little dry- will try to be funnier tomorrow. Can only imagine- I am going to look at cars with my parents in tow.....


painted maypole said...

happy birthday, and may car shopping go WAY WAY WAY better than you can imagine it (and really, if you are like me, you imagine it pretty drearily, so it can only go up from there, right?)

Mary Beth said...

It was a wonderful day! And I'm sorry but we will NOT allow graduating with honors to be anticlimatic at all. Can't wait!

From one of the sisters:)