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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Home Again, Jiggity, Jig

I have been away at a conference since thursday. A fellow advanced practice nurse, from the cardiology practice, and I went to National Harbor, Maryland for the conference and had a wonderful 2 days of great classes. While there, we stayed just down the street from the conference at the Westin with a room that looked out on the potomac. Classes started at 7am and finished at 6pm equalling long exhausting days but we still managed to have fun.

On friday night, we drove to brother #2's restaurant, the Dogwood Tavern, where it was nice to show off my outgoing successful brother. He, of course, took care of the bill for our food and only charged us for drinks. The waitress made out very well - I tipped her what we would have paid... (It has to be good politics to keep the manager's employees happy!)

While at the conference, I made the practice buy me a toy.

It is a palm T/X and has all the medical programs preloaded onto it. I had talked to the docs about getting me a palm treo phone but they balked at paying part of the monthly fee and I wasn't sure I wanted the phone portion. One of the vendors had this and the treo. I compared and found that for the same price of the phone, I could get this with more features and no monthly fee for a cellular internet. This has wifi capability and is awesome. I called the office prior to purchase, talked to a Dr who is realizing how much he misses me when I am gone, wound up with a credit card number, and WALA :)

Meanwhile, I am glad to be home. Gloria is very nice but silence is a foreign word to her. For 3 hours on the ride home she barely took a breath.... I got into my car and thought how lucky I am to have travelled with people and family who are comfortable with quiet times. I walked into the house to a neglected cat, who is asleep next to me. In catching up with all my blogger friends, I found that DragonFly had awarded me with this:

I will share it with Kyla over at The Journey, who is back in nursing school and has some lovely children and Sarah over at Slouching Past 40, who has an eye injury....


Mary Beth said...

Good to have you home- bet Princess P ecstatic! Love your new toy:)

painted maypole said...

(catching up...)

hooray for new gadgets and old offices! :)

slouching mom said...

Thank you so much, Amanda! What a surprise.

I like the gadget!

the dragonfly said...

I'm happy to share the love. :)

New toys are fun. Except toys like that usually take me 6-7 years to figure out, and then they're obsolete. :)

(but hey, I can work my laptop, so I'm not completely ignorant, right??)

Hey Teach! said...

oh love new toys especially when work pays for them...can't wait to see it this weekend

Kyla said...

I'm so jealous of your Palm! It has internet access without a monthly fee?! I have got to look into that!

Thanks for the nod! :)