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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Big Bad, Frustrating Week from Hell....

This has not been a great week.
And it is only wednesday.
It has to get better.

Dr W (GSW) was long call this past weekend. Long call involves covering 2 hospitals during the evening and night of friday, saturday, and sunday. It also involves covering Lankenau Hospital during the weekend days. Lankenau is a city hospital. Paoli is a busy hospital but on a smaller scale. GSW is not one for new experiences and change. He hates covering Lankenau and begins to stress about his weekends of long call, at least, 5 days prior to the event. We spent last week with GSW in such a funk that I almost purchased M1dol for him.... He now has been working 10 days without a day off. All work and no play makes Greggy a crabby boy... I started this week and realized that this was the week in which if I said black, GSW would say white. Day 3 and I am offering electric shock therapy to the man!!

Every morning, I have entered my office to find a significant pile of patient issues that need my attention prior to starting seeing my patients in the hospital. Yesterday, GSW inquired if I thought I might be able to make it up to the hospital on time because it slows him down (BITCHY!!). I would like to mention that I smiled and mentioned that the delay was caused by what he had left for me to do... "Regardless, I need you in the hospital on time. You simply need to come in earlier". Alright, no problem- I am already working 48 hrs a week but I can add a couple more hours, no problem! (Asshole).

Finally, Donna (the woman who plays at Office Manager 2 days a week) has decided that she would like to use my computer and office in the mornings when I am in the hospital. This really is not an option. These girls have destroyed every computer in the office, except mine and the doctors, with viruses from their web surfing. I refused and managed to keep my cool when I explained that my office was off limits and that simply because I was an RN did not mean that she had free reign. My office had the same limitations as the doctors. She argued and I won. However, when I mentioned this whole exchange to Dr L (HTL), I was suprised to learn that GSW is considering giving my office to the new doctor joining our practice in July. I have yet to hear this from him. The discussion with HTL revealed that the new doc will be working part time and splitting days with Dr R (LR). So the logical explanation would be to share an office with LR. Apparantly, it would seem that LR is too much of a slob to share an office with and Donna suggested that, rather than suggesting that LR clean up her act, I give up my office. Another option would be that the new doctors office be the conference room that we never use. It has a door, it can connected to the hospital system, and it is a nice huge room!

Now, I should explain that my office is a cubby hole that has no door due to the fire code and cannot get wired to the hospital system. It would not work as a doctor's office as it has no privacy. I know this and Donna knows this. Donna, however, is GSW's pet and has worked with him for the past 20 years. She can do nothing wrong in his eyes. The office was part of the job offer and is one of the few perks I have. I work long hours, I have not had a raise since I started because in December they started paying for my benefits, and the payroll police constantly harass me about my hours. (They don't like to pay overtime....) Donna dislikes that I am beyond her reach in the office. I am an extension of the MD's and I override her. She is choosing to poke the rabid monkey in the cage (me) and is doing a really good job.

I have to talk to GSW abd HTL about my office but GSW is clearly menstruating and beyond being rational. In the meantime, I may kill Donna....


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN said...

Ok, funny ass post overall even though it is at the expense of your crazy hell week. If only we could enjoy a sunset and some wine and bitch to each other about our crazy hell weeks. Speaking of, there is someone I may kill as well...;-)

Hang in there!

Mary Beth said...

Just say the word and we'll have George go psycho on his ass:) Is the other doctor behind you keeping your office? Or better yet, can you take the conference room? Maybe you should just start being a slob at work. I have lots of dust bunnies looking for work ... just let me know!

painted maypole said...

i think you've mentioned this lovely lady before ;) hope you get to keep your cubby

the dragonfly said...


Hope things get better. I hate weeks like that.