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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Office Update

Comments have been made. Dr LR is very unhappy about having to share an office with the poor new doctor. She starts in 2 weeks and Dr LR is acting like a petulant child. It was suggested that one of the partners share an office. Dr LR is not a partner... So apparently, it would be appropriate for one of the full time senior physicians to share an office but not appropriate for her to share with the doctor who will never be there when LR is.

Things that make you go, Hmmmmmmmmmm. Dr LR and Calvin apparently share the same mindset.

I, of course, am LOVING all of this :)


the dragonfly said...

Oh, I hope you (still) get to keep your office!

Isn't it funny when adults act like children? Funny...but also a bit sad.

ewe are here said...

This Dr LR sounds like a very petty person with really messed up priorities ... they won't even be in at the same time and still complaining? Ugh.