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Friday, July 18, 2008

Mouse 1 Piglet 0

The great mouse roundup continues here at Chez Amanda. So far, I have only found the evidence of said mouse and seen nothing more. The first night after finding his mess, Princess P sat in wait, staring at the pantry door. Since then, she has kept her vigil from the bed. I am hoping that this means the mouse has left us to move on to less feline occuppied house and not that she simply has given up the hunt.

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HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Humorous rodent story to share, involving our late, great cat Midnight: about 5 years ago, when my kids were much younger (they would have been 7 and 5), our cat Midnight was busy "disemboweling" a mole outside and my children FOUND this scenario and ran our cat off. The poor mole was in agony, and (unfortunately) still alive. The kids came and got me to "Do something, Mom!".... and they had made a make-shift stretcher for the mole and announced that they were going to nurse it back to health and then "set it free into the wild".

Needless to say, I shooed them back into the house, then quickly put the mole out of its misery.

What a traumatic day for all concerned!!

I'm sure Princess Piglet is having a much less traumatic time of it.