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Sunday, March 16, 2008


How does this-

Plus this-

equal this-
That if you cannot see, is my foot with a bruise extending from above my pinky toe to just before my big toe.
What happened you ask?
In my rush to get to work on thursday morning, I pulled the towel from the hook and managed to pull the giant brass and ceramic hook off the wall, which unerringly made its way onto the top of my foot. I was on my knees before I could process what had happened and watched the immediate bruise start. Shoes are fun, walking is a joy, and my cat has managed to step on the exact scene of the crime at least twice a day since...
On a more depressing note, I still do not have my laptop back. I have only recieved an email from Hewlett Packard saying they have recieved the defective product :(


Hey Teach! said...

Princess P is just testing the wound for you to see if it has healed at all. She is TRYING to help in that way that felines do.

I can just imagine trying to cram your poor bruised foot into nice shoes. OUCH!

Defective product? how personal!

the dragonfly said...

Oh no!! Poor foot, poor you. Hope you heal fast!

(and that your computer heals fast too! ;)

Mary Beth said...

You and your poor feet/ankles/knees - it's a wonder you're able to walk! Can you borrow one of the walking boots so you don't have to cram it into a shoe?

Rose Daughter said...

Oh no!!!, that looks painful. Hope you are feeling better.